Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Road Trip - favorite new place: Big Bend National Park in West Texas

Been on the road for a couple of weeks in what has to be the best way to travel: Cab-Over Camper on a diesel pick up. We picked up the cab-over in Phoenix Area - no small feat in the land of giant rv's - for $900 through Craigslist - yes, a few technical bugs but that is where the handy BF saves the day - 6' x 8' plus full size bed over cab - you can imagine my new ideas: sell everything and hit the road. Quite a few steps between where I sit today & being able to be on a mobile adventure. The most astonishing fact I discovered (though do your own work on details :) is one can buy a year pass for the National Parks for something like $80 - and you can stay for up to 15 days in one site - now that would be a great blog!

Should be back to No. California this weekend - might have to re-think the dial-up/satellite connection and readjust budget accordingly.

Mid February Update: Cab-over resold on Craigslist to a gentleman hoping to find gold. Still believe in the beauty of fitting everything for living in an area the size of a cab-over - be it a tiny house or whatever - As you can see, this was a little bit much on the Beverly Hillbilly side of life.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Finding a buddy to work with - part coach/part inspiration/part sounding board/but most importantly: YOU SUPPORT EACH OTHER - in whatever way you determine will help each other. This note is also a Thank You to anyone out there who has helped me, been an influence, guide, thorn in my side, whatever. Back to the buddy thing: over the past couple of weeks, what with the holidays, last day of work, whatever excuse, we got off our once a week check in. By the beginning of this week, I seriously had my doubts about the decisions I had made - especially in the creative realm. BUT, as we made our date to meet and review, it all came into focus again - my various goals, dreams, ideas. I don't know why it works, but it does. What a long, drawn out process of realizing I actually need people in my life - that human thing has had me stumped - wow, have I been crusty.

Okay, on to other items: I have to work out the dial-up internet thing at the cabin so there might not be posts for a few days, or a week - My other challenge: loading photos - LATER.