Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Best Laid Plans Were Shelved

Every morning for almost two weeks I place a call to the Air Quality Department to listen to the recording letting one know if a green light exists to burn. As you may know, California is experiencing the lowest rainfall ever - and for the last couple of weeks a high pressure system has been in place = no burning allowed. Finally, yesterday, the recording stated okay to burn after 9 a.m. I have been clearing brush & pruning trees, in hopes to make the property as fire unfriendly as possible. There is always a slight unease I feel being in the middle of a forest - mix of fir & redwood - redwood being the less combustible of the two - but still!

In my basic living expenses of $1000/month, am not including all costs for maintenance and capital improvements of the property - believe me I find it hard to keep that one in check. How could I resist a logging guy with a bucket which reaches 40' and could do a super clean up job on the huge trees? The two logging partners showed up mid-afternoon - a couple of chainsaws each and a beautiful Ford 550 with the bucket on the telescoping rig. They wasted no time getting to work - no safety glasses or gloves but ear plugs -two hours worth of work with awe inspiring results.

Simplicity: I did not have to do any exercises with weights - got crazy work out moving limbs, stumps, branches - stacking for firewood or stoking the burn pile.

Frugality: Yes, spent money but preventative measures to protect investment.

Design: The two loggers get the design award for the day - they both love & respect trees & enhance the beauty of the trees by their work.

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