Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Decluttering Process is Becoming a Drag

I have got to be done with this mundane task by the end of the week. This whole simplicity thing is sounding a bit cliche (in a self-critical kind of way).

And why am I so obsessed with getting rid of stuff? The house I grew up in was a chaotic mess - no need for details here. One of my few childhood memories was delivering girl scout cookies to a little house set in an orchard - inside that house was only a sisal rug and couch - I was in complete awe. The strange thing I am realizing is this cabin is becoming that house - complete with the porch and sliding glass doors.

The last thing I want this blog to be about is finding ways to contain the stuff in plastic bins under the bed and clipping coupons and getting out of debt. I am after something along the words of Hans Hoffman (ran across this yesterday - I figure there are those who have gone before me who have a better way with words):

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary can speak.

- Nothing is ever really simple

Frugality - Did not spend any money today - except the cost of living - including $ for generator gas to charge batteries to listen to radio -and the usual food.

Design - By the process of massive elimination

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