Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Observations About Stuff, Food & Human Contact

1. I underestimated the amount of time it would take to organize my stuff.

2. The de-cluttering process could take another month.

3. Fantasy: All my stuff has its own particular place.

4. Fantasy: I will put anything I use back it's place when finished.

5. Fantasy: I will keep all surfaces clear (might as well add the fantasy that I will wash my dishes, dry & put away when finished using).

6. Not everyone appreciates not having stuff around - as a matter of fact can make them uncomfortable.

7. I can be happy eating rice/beans/lettuce/avocado on a crispy corn tortillas every day for a week.

8. I can go days without listening to music.

9. I do not like to go more than one day not seeing another human.

10. I like to talk to at least two people on the phone a day.


Anonymous said...

sometimes i think i could go a week without seeing a human being, and that includes looking in the mirror.

Jane's Almanac said...

I certainly appreciate mirrors for the design quality (as in reflecting light) but not crazy about the reflection of my image -ouch - do what I may for self-acceptance :-)