Thursday, February 19, 2009

Going Out On A Limb

This sabbatical, to date, seems to be about Facing Fears - going into it, all I knew was that I would not know what to expect - how's that for a twisted sentence?


1. Depression

2. Being attacked by wild animals as in bears and/or wild cats - probably at the same time

3. Chimney fire & cabin burning down

4, Physically never get back my strength & being stiff & crunchy the rest of my days

5. Never being able to get a job again

6. Being caffeine addict the rest of my life

7. At the end of my days - or whenever - finding out there is no god

8. Always having certain food preferences & not being satisfied with less


1. As I knew would be spending much time alone in the days coming up, it called for a ramping up of taking care of my business so as not to drop into a slump. The mind, being a wily force, seems to forget the things to help once a slight slide is perceived. The action called for was writing out a chart, as simple-minded as it sounds, of those things to help: walk, exercise, meditate, and be grateful. All stops were pulled on the gratitude tool: each weight set I finished, each step I took, I said "Thank You" - as crazy as it sounds, don't ask me why - IT WORKS - my days are happy. (Will keep this post just to #1 - god issue too big to tackle right now).

Simplicity: There are only a few things I need to do every day to make a world of difference on my outlook & thus my productivity: exercise - weights & walking & stretching & shoulder/headstands - granted totals a good 2.5 hours.

Frugality: By spending this time and all aspects of my health, am investing in my future capacity to earn money. As I read once on a PF blog somewhere - our greatest asset is the ability to earn $ - (unless you have a great portfolio :-)

Design: As I design my day-to-day life in the present, am planning for my future.

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dk haas said...

I love the way you express the conflict between the inner thoughts, feelings, etc...and the outer plans.

This writing is so honest, I love it!