Friday, February 13, 2009

Things I Do For Health

I consider this time to be one of rejuvenation so I can hit it hard one more time (at least) - it's a sabbatical, not retirement. Addressing the little things that have bugged me for some time - health or otherwise.

1. My neck & shoulders are all crunchy from sitting at a desk for years - doing shoulder stands & head stands (makes sense to literally turn things upside down).

2. Scale weigh in every morning - numbers don't lie, financially or otherwise - I am not a nut about my weight but like to check in. Apparently there is some sort of Japanese diet solely based on this method - no surprise.

3. Free weights & bar - no gym required.

4. Physical outdoor labor - wood and all that.

5. Getting off the caffeine - finally getting the nerve to quit - been many years addicted.

6. Acupuncture - see #5 - I know better than try to attempt some endeavors alone - I am fortunate in having a neighbor just starting out & she is awesome!

7. Meditation - not yet - currently consists of sitting on couch & looking out at the forest & daydreaming. Grateful I have this time to do whatever.

8. Yoga - only a couple poses - I cannot believe that I use to have a six day/week Ashtanga Practice - not giving up on that idea.

9. Reading

10. Get in car maximum once a week.

11. Eat well

12. Don't sit in chairs often - got to unwind myself (in all ways).

Simplicity: Focusing on my health

The only thing that costs $ is the acupuncture - it's preventative.

Focusing on my life design - what works & does not work

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