Friday, March 27, 2009

Maybe, Maybe Not

On a quick trip to San Francisco, less than 24 hours. So good to change out of dirty work jeans and into clean jeans. Maybe three weeks at the cabin was a bit of a stretch.

Maybe I can handle this trip and not over-react, say, if someone honks at me because I have one foot in the pedestrian crosswalk when the light changes. I kept my composure when someone tapped me on my shoulder & said I was holding the line up at Rainbow Grocery (of course I was NOT holding the line up).

I am enjoying a cup of tea and people watching - it helps to have gorgeous sunny weather. As my current obsession is to color or not color the grey, noticing how many grey-haired woman seem to be walking around.

I have always wondered why, whoever created these crazy humans, it (non-gender) would allow the color to seep out of the body. Why would it want everyone to have white or grey hair. I kind of get the idea of not being so concerned with outward appearances and the idea is to be more concerned with what goes on inside - but what about aesthetics?

I feel there is some sort of unspoken solidarity with other women who do not color their hair. Hmm - kind of throws a monkey wrench in my plans -which could be a good thing. TO BE CONTINUED.


dk haas said...

Jane, It was great to hang out with you in your gorgeous "cabin".
What a beautiful space, simple, beautifully designed, and so peaceful. Thanks for the hospitality and the long walks in the redwoods. xoxo

Jane's World said...


You certainly helped to keep my end frugal by bring the food goodies and clothes - too bad I did not keep that up in SF. Oh well.

You are always welcome to visit!