Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why I Love the Internet

For almost a week I have been off on a tangent - due to a comment left on a post (insert link later - when I have access to wireless, not the time or patience right now - but for right now: Thank you Beany!). A reference to Your Money or Your Life, Transforming Our Relationship with Money got me thinking You know Jane, you never actually completed all Nine Steps. Hmm, the obvious question Why Not? I had been obsessed with finding the means to take a year off and not working for the man. The bottom line: I am not financially independent yet. What still needs to be researched and developed is passive income to cover all living expenses.

The work to be done is getting this property ready to put on the market. I have been working like a madman this past week clearing, cleaning and revealing the inherent beauty of this property.

My year off is more like putting all effort into Jane, Inc. and my future financial health.

I love the Internet because I am constantly reminded of my goals. And pick up new ways of thinking about things when I read my favorite bloggers.

More along these lines to follow.

Simplicity: Again, a lot of time and effort required to simplify one's life.

Frugality: Though my living expenses are well under one thousand a month, am still investing in the property to prepare to put up for sale.

Design: All my efforts are being put into designing the kind of life that encompasses the ideas of Simplicity, Frugality and Design.

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