Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday and Internet and Mental Health

I was not successful in limiting myself to 30 minutes on Monday night - over an hour. Last night it was worse - a drunken St. Patrick's day Internet frenzy (out of control on searching, not alcohol). I would say my time on was over three hours - sure, I found great stuff - but how did I feel afterwards? A hangover from losing myself in all the minutes here, seconds there, a word here, phrase there (I doubt if I even read a complete sentence). The longer on the computer I am, the more my focus gets fuzzier & fuzzier. I feel worse & worse.

What to do about it? Do a posting, if I cannot load picture, oh well - this dial-up thing tests my patience & last night I flunked. Gave up on posting as I could not load picture of my favorite piece of furniture - a brown leather sofa. I had been inspired by one of Beany's posts (The Middle Way) about her evolving sense of her style. Beany touched on some of the things I have contemplated - good old stuff. Later. When I have photos to back up.

Okay, the plan: back to 60 minutes tops on Internet (including email). Internet Diet. Gain time & focus back.

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Ellen Johnson said...

www is alias for big time suck device