Wednesday, March 25, 2009

God Created Hair Color

So I do not have to look like an aging hippie. No offense to those living close to one's ideals and living off the land souls - more power to you. Try as I might, I cannot completely embrace the philosophy. Maybe I have lived too long in the city. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe it's neither good nor bad, just the way it is . . .

I blame my desire to color my hair on Lyndia. Maybe I could blame it on eating whole foods (rice, beans, vegetables, fruit - all simply prepared) for months.

After a day of working outside during intermittent rain storms, cleaning huge sections of tan oak, broom, poison oak, and other forest "weeds" revealing views of the river previously hidden, I was wet, tired, sore and no energy to cook. Lyndia offered to bring dinner - there is nothing quite like someone else cooking for you, in my book. My supper was freshly caught sole, coated in cornmeal and lightly fried, steamed new potatoes, garden fresh carrots and kale, and a memory I will take to to my death bed: freshly baked buttermilk biscuits and butter - with just the right amount of tang & fluff - and when I say they melted in my mouth, I mean they melted in my mouth.

I know good food when I taste it and this meal surpassed anything I have eaten in an expensive restaurant. I have a hunch most of the food Lyndia prepares is this darn delicious. Even after years of cooking for her family, she still loves the act of cooking - what a virtue - must say I could taste the love in the food. I wonder if she would adopt me.

To send me over the top is another friend who loves food is here for a visit. She offered to bring the food and to cook - does it get any better? For the past few days I have been heartily eating on more great food from soups to salads to meat loaf to smoked fish to roasted chicken. Maybe she would adopt me.

So what does this have to do with hair coloring? As I have gone for months without some of the added luxuries in life - though I have been luxuriating in having my own time - I have a greater appreciation for the items which bring so much joy: I heart food!

I certainly do not need to color my hair, I want to color my hair - something about the appreciation for what can be enhanced - if it can be, and it's not an outrageous proposition, why not?

And I do not want to look like an aging hippie in Paris.

Simplicity: Can foster an appreciation for some things in Life.

Frugality: Does not necessarily mean penny pinching - sometimes okay to choose a luxury item.

Design: My self design side says it is time to spruce it up - enough already of the dirt hippie look.


Ellen Johnson said...

god created hair color in the same way she created kraft macaroni and cheez. sure they are there and you think you want them, but really, life is grand without them.

Jane's World said...

ej: I know you are right, but . . . the box is still sitting unopened - the BF, besides being a stud muffin :-) is gay and will do the job for me (plus he baked a mean souffle this w/end). Not everybody has your gorgeous thick wavy grey hair. xoxoxo