Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time To Grow Up (At My Age!!!)

I have been back to the cabin in the woods for a few days. Wow - if it were not for visiting with friends in San Francisco I would have high-tailed it back here after one day of city living. There is a certain edge to being in the city which has its place & I hope some day I can swing both ways without major meltdowns.

Back to the clutter/stuff thing: Picked up a quick read from the library - outlining the differences between a person living with clutter and a hoarder. I do not think I am either one but I can live with boxes and piles of paper around & not get bent out of shape - let alone dishes in the dish rack for days on end.

My new challenge (or revisiting a habit I have tried unsuccessfully in the past to pick up) - wash dishes, dry & put away. Put whatever back where it came from - esp. as most things now have a place.

This whole clutter thing is fascinating to me - whatever barriers get in the way to my freedom I want to face. Kind of the outward clutter being a manifestation off unclear, unfocused thinking.

Maybe I am the only one who did not learn housekeeping at an appropriate age - but time to grow up and get with the program!

Simplicity: Beginning to get idea how much self-discipline involved with this undertaking.

Frugality: Discipline leads to awareness and more conscious decisions = saving $. Will get back to you on this one - not quite there yet.

Design: Who does not like a clean living space?

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Ellen Johnson said...

i think i understand what you are saying about the edge. i let my mind wander to "how will it be when i go back?" before i quickly reminded myself, i am still here. sometimes i am more scared of the change all THIS will bring than the actual THIS itself.