Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Admit I Screamed

Wow - not when I see the picture of the cabin with all the junk around the deck on the header photo of blog - sure hope soon I will be able to replace photo with a deck and only one bench.

No, I screamed when a huge bat was flying in the bedroom, not close to the ceiling, away from me, but low in the room, at my head level. Just where he could get tangled in my hair.

We had just turned out the lights, maybe I had even drifted far enough from consciousness when the BF asks me if I heard a noise - what kind of noise? He knew it could be the sound of only one thing: A Bat.

On went the lights and under the covers I went - momentarily - until I could get out of the room. He came up with a plan: put gloves on, get an old sheet & try to get the bat caught up enough so he could get a hold of it & free him (must of been a him) outside. I thought I could be in room when he began the entrapment adventure. But when the bat was flying so close to me I involuntarily screamed, maybe more than once. I was gratefully asked to leave the room. I was no help. The bat's wing span I swear was a foot - at least.

The BF was successful - thank you! - but now he has gone back to the Big City for a couple of weeks and I am on my own. I hope on my own.

One more thing to add to my fear list.


dk haas said...

I am pretty sure there is no such thing as a foot long bat...but the imagination is a powerful tool.

Ellen Johnson said...

that bf of yours sure is a stud muffin